SOS Children's Village embraces siblings from Bajura

BAJURA: SOS Children's Village, Lumbini has taken in four children who were left without their mother in Gotri area of Jagannath Rural Municipality-6 in Bajura district.

Sunita Rawal (9), Nisha Rawal (7), Paras Rawal (4) and a baby boy were left with no-one to look after them as their mother Pulti Rawal died after giving birth to her fourth child. She died from complications while delivering her infant. She gave birth to her baby at home which resulted in retained placenta followed by excessive bleeding.

According to Deputy Director at SOS Children's Village, Gobindra Dhakal, he along with co-deputy director Laxman Bhandari and SOS Children's Village Dhangadhi Director Padam Hamal conducted an onsite inspection after news about the children was published in The Himalayan Times on December 31.

The children were embraced by the organisation after they found them living under difficult conditions with barely anyone to look after them, Dhakal said.

All four children had been staying with their uncle Nara Jung Rawal’s family. The newborn was living on milk from other lactating mothers’ as well as animal milk.

The children’s father Amar Rawal is a person with mental illness and hardly stays home while elder daughter Sunita cannot speak properly.