South Asia development meet

Kathmandu, November 15:

A country consultation on ‘Developmental Issues and Challenges of South Asia and Role of Civil Society’ concluded here today. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and South Asian Network for Social & Agricultural Development (SANSAD) had organised the consultation.

Presenting a paper, chairman, Human Rights Organisation of Nepal (HURON), Charan K

Prasain, said people are to blame for the failure of democratic process in the country.

“But it does not mean that the monarch has the right to punish them,” he said, adding: “People themselves should punish the leaders who led them to the wrong path.”

Stating that denial of rights to self-determination is also a violation of human rights, he said the people should be given an opportunity to select the government on their own.

Talking about the common challenges facing South Asian countries,

he said it is necessary to put an end to the culture of impunity, alleviate poverty, put an end to human trafficking, and respect the right to self-determination.

Rule of law should be established, arms smuggling controlled, civil society strengthened and defence budget should be reduced to achieve these ends, he said.

Anil K Singh of SANSAD highlighted the objectives of the consultation.

Representatives of different community organisations laid stress on restructuring of the state for bringing about total democracy, which is essential for development.