Staff appointed to assist prez, veep

Kathmandu, July 17:

The Ministry of General Administration today appointed staffers required for proposed offices of the President and Vice-President.

“We have appointed 36 staffers for the Office of President and 13 staffers for the Office of Vice-President, excluding low-rank staffers,” said a source at the Ministry of General Administration today, adding that the staffers would join the offices from Sunday.

The team for the office of President, to be established at Shital Niwas, will be lead by Dr Ram Hari Aryal, who is secretary of the MoGA.

Three joint secretaries and three under secretaries will assist Aryal in the administrative work.

Apart from this, there will be one joint-secretary to deal with legal affairs and one under secretary. Six section officers and 20 assistants will also be there.

The office of Vice-President, to be set up in Bahadur Bhawan, will have 13 staffers. Ram Chandra Man Singh has been appointed secretary of the office.

The office will have a secretary, three joint-secretaries, three under secretaries, two section officers and eight assistants.

A source said, “Different government bodies and the cabinet have provided the required manpower.”