State apathy deprives village of amenities

JHAPA: Residents of Bhangbari in Maheshpur VDC, Jhapa, have been living a pitiful life for want of basic amenities.

Maheshpur is a VDC that lies across the Mechi River and abuts on the Indian territory. Bhangbari is a ward of the VDC that has not witnessed any development activity for years due to the geographical seclusion brought about by the Mechi River that runs along the Indian border.

Among other things, the locals do not have access to education due to lack of schools/colleges in the area. They have also been deprived of electricity.

Lack of bridge to connect the VDC to district headquarters Bhadrapur, that lies just across the river, has forced locals to wade through the river putting their lives at risk.

Moreover, they have been living under constant fear of flooding in the river during the rainy season. They have urged the concerned authorities to find a solution to the problem of flooding in the Mechi River, but to no avail.

“We are Nepali citizens as well, but the state has ditched us completely as we don’t have electricity, health facilities, and good schools here. On top of everything, we have to face the flood problem each year,” said Dhiren Rajbanshi.

“Due to lack of basic amenities in the village and a bridge over the river, we have to either risk our lives and swim or make a long detour to reach Bhadrapur bazaar which is just across the river,” added Dhiren, who urged the government to address their problems.

The village has 50 households belonging to Rajbanshi, Mahato, Ganesh and Satar communities. It has a school up to Grade V, but kids who pass from the school have no future.

“The leaders come to our villages, but only during elections. They give us assurances and once they are voted to power, they turn their backs on us,” said local Baliram Mahato.