Biratnagar, July 28:

Central member of the Nepali Congress, Dr Shekhar Koirala today called for a general convention of his party to make public its stance on the issue of monarchy before the constituent assembly poll.

Speaking at a programme held by the Region-5 of NC in Biratnagar, Dr Koirala said it was essential the party explain its agenda on the monarchy in the villages before the election to the constituent assembly.

He clarified he was not in favour of giving continuity to the monarchy.

He said the confusion on the issue of monarchy would end if the official view of the party is made public after holding a general convention of the party before the constituent assembly poll.

“The king has 900 staff but now they have been brought under the Civil Servant Act. As of now, there is no need to allot a budget of Rs 21 crores to the royal palace,” said Koirala, adding, “It is also necessary to explain to the people regarding the budget allotted to the palace.”

Since three general elections held after the restoration of democracy had proved that the existing election system could not encompass inclusive democracy, a wider discussion on the basis of federal and regional concepts should be held before holding the constituent assembly election, said Dr Koirala. He added that the Maoists would be involved in the interim government after they are disarmed under UN supervision and their army kept in the barracks.

According to Dr Koirala, the draft of interim constitution would be submitted to the talks committee.

After that, the talks committee would submit the constitution draft to the government, and the government, after approving the draft, would send it to Parliament for final approval. Parliament’s approval would put the seal of authority on the drafted document

Doctor Madan Koirala, central member of the Nepal Women’s Association Bhotani Devi Khawas, chairperson of Tarun Dal (Morang) Uddhav Koirala, district chairperson of Nepal Students’ Union Kedar Karki and president of FSU Mahendra Morang Campus Bhim Parajuli also addressed the gathering.