Statute amendment necessary: NF-N Leader

Hetauda, September 19

New Force-Nepal spokesperson Khimlal Devkota has pointed out the need for an amendment in the statute to make it acceptable to the entire citizenry.

Inaugurating Nepal Press Society Makawanpur’s first district council here today, the NF-N leader reckoned the road to statute amendment was fraught with challenges.

“Unless we amend the statute and address the legitimate concerns of the Madhes in the constitution, the Madhesis will always see the Constitution Day with disgust and protest,” he argued.

Further, identifying the change of guard as against people’s wish, the leader reckoned that constitution drafting had ushered in economic development.

Claiming that the decade-long Maoist insurgency had been able to meet its target of changing the polity and people’s condition, the former Maoist leader rued any form of extremism.

“Be it Madhesi extremism or the hills extremism, it is always bad and should be discouraged,” he argued. He also called on the parties amend the charter to address the legitimate concerns of the Madhes.

Further, accusing the present government of being against the implementation of the constitution, Devkota rued the untimely fall of the CPN-UML-led government. “It was very unfortunate that there was an inopportune change of guard when the UML government was trying to do something,” he said.