Statute-obsessed UML boss keeps Tihar at bay

Bhaktapur, October 28:

CPN-UML general secretary Jhala Nath Khanal today said the new constitution writing process would begin soon after Tihar.

Talking to journalists at a tea party organised by the CPN-UML Bhaktapur district committee, he said the parties had reached consensus on many issues. “As soon as we would strike a deal on the remaining issues, the constitution drafting committee will get a complete shape and the statute writing process will start,” Khanal said.

Ridiculing the NC’s threat to launch street agitation, Khanal said, “Protest programmes are meaningless these days. Therefore, it is better to stick to the culture of consensus rather than launching agitation.”

He termed the CPN-Maoist’s People’s Republic agenda “ill timed”. “Such an agenda holds no water. The NC’s protest plan and Maoist’s People’s Republic are similar,” he said.

On People’s Liberation Army integration into the Nepal Army, he said, “The integration and rehabilitation process will take place as per to past agreements.”

He said his party would not disband the Youth Force (YF) as it “was formed to combat violence in the country and its cadres

were trying to maintain peace and security”.