At least 70 persons who went from Manang to areas bordering Tibet to collect Yarsagumba, and we're stranded due to adverse weather conditions, have been heli-rescued.

Captain Ananda (Andy) Thapa who is also the operations director at Altitude Air said that more than 70 persons were evacuated from the area.

Andy, an ex army pilot, who has been flying aircraft for 14 years, said that he flew from Phugaon of Manang area today to rescue the stranded people.

The yarsagumba collectors were stranded due to snowfall and incessant rainfall.

"They were safely brought to lower belt of Phugaon. The landing zone was very critical at an altitude of 17,200 feet and 14,500 feet and the weather was very challenging," Capt Thapa added.

Courtesy: Altitude Air
Courtesy: Altitude Air