Strict control over criminal activities will be ensured: SP Rana

POKHARA: Superintendent of Police (SP) Om Bahadur Rana at the District Police Office (DPO), Kaski, who has been handling the duties of Police Chief for the past four days, has made public his 12-point action plan on Wednesday.

SP Rana made public his action plan at a press meet organised here today. The plan comprises of points such as strict control over mobster activities; search and prosecution of criminals; curtailing burglary, looting and black-marketing; awareness programmes against social ill practices by internalising the need for severity of law over criminal activities.

Likewise, control over homemade alcohol and intoxicating substances; control of prostitution and gambling; search and arrests of absconding criminals with the help of law enforcement teams; construction of physical and technological infrastructures; as well as focus on upgrading quality, information collection and evidence-based investigations are also included in the action plan.

He added that the police force would take strict actions in response to Pokhara’s soaring cases of drug-related and mobster activities.

Stating that immediate action would be taken against those in the police force who associate and assist criminals, SP Rana assured that he will not fall short when it comes to peace and security of the citizens.

He further shared that the main motive of his plans is to create an environment conducive for the people to walk freely without having to fear that something bad might happen to them.