Student crunch hits Kaski school

Kaski, May 4

The number of students getting enrolled in schools is declining by the day in Kaski district.

Bijaya Primary School of Kaskikot-9, Kaski, currently has only 25 students while it used to have as many as 324 students 30 years ago. The number of students in the school stood at 22 last year.

The sharp decline in student number has been attributed to exodus of local people to bigger cities. According to locals, more than 10 families from the locality migrate to the southern Pame area every year, whereas some others migrate to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

The trend has sharply risen in the past one decade. Though there were more than 125 households in Kaskikot a decade ago, the number stands at less than 40 now.

“Students who graduated from our school are currently holding elite positions in the capital city, but we have not been able to lure a significant number of students despite delivery of quality education.

As many as five teachers are presently looking after only 25 students. The school is overstaffed, but does not have students,” lamented head teacher at the school, Suresh Ranabhat.

“We have ensured congenial atmosphere, child-friendly education and management of half-day meal to impress the kids, but to no avail,” added Ranabhat.