Students walk six hours to attend school

Ramechhap, October 14:

Students here are facing problems because the nearest secondary school is a three-hour walk from here.

Students in Bharuwa village of Kathjor VDC in Ramechhap district trudge six hours daily to attend classes and return.

Each morning, at 7 am they have their meal, tuck their books under the arm and begin their weary trek to Nilkantheshwar secondary school. They get quite tired by the time they reach there and when school gets over at 4 pm, they foot it back home by 7 pm.

The school near the village runs classes only up till grade five, said a sixth grader Bipana Thapa, 13, adding that those wanting to attend secondary level classes are having problems due to the compulsion to walk.

She added that 11 students including her from her locality attend the school.

Not all the children are as dedicated as Bipana. Most of the children in the village have quit schooling either because they are unable to bear the drudgery or are unable to pay for education.

A student’s mother Uma Thapa said the children get so tired by the time they come back home that they are in no condition to do homework or study. She added that most of them are lagging behind in their studies due to the extreme physical exertion they have to endure daily.

A few children from the village are studying in schools in the district headquarters Manthali.

To add to the woes, the children of Bharuwa village who go to Nilkantheshwar secondary school also have to attend to household chores before leaving for school at 7 am.

Bipana said she has to collect fodder for the livestock before leaving for school.