Sudurpaschim Province holds back Provincial Police Bill draft

DHANGADHI: Sudur-Paschim Province is currently awaiting for the federal government to bring in an umbrella law needed to frame Provincial Police Bill.

Although the Cabinet meeting on August 8 authorised the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of the Province to prepare a draft of the bill, the Ministry has not been able to proceed with the same.

Under-Secretary at the ministry, Birendra Bahadur KC said that although the ministry held authority to prepare the draft, the process could not proceed formally. The province has to hold back as the federal law has to guide the supervision and coordination processes, he added. Until now, the ministry has only carried out the study of the organisational structure of provincial police.

Recently, Province 2 had enacted the Provincial Police Bill challenging the federal government, causing quite a stir, although lawyers claimed that the provincial government was acting in conformity with the constitution in passing the Bill.

It is mentioned in the constitution that police organisations would run under the supervision of the provincial government. However, as per Article 268 (3) of the constitution, the operation and supervision of central and provincial police and coordination between them would be governed by a federal law.

Since the Federal Police Bill has not been brought in even after eight months of the formation of the present government, the police organisation is being mobilised by the central government at the moment.

Meanwhile, Sudur Paschim Province government officials have expressed that lack of power for the formation of the provincial police and not having a provincial police structure has hindered the province's plan to work for maintenance of peace and security and crime control.