A rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in Sudurpashchim Province following the new wave of infections has led to cramming of hospitals owing to influx of coronavirus infected patients.

Seti Zonal Hospital, which has been designated a temporary coronavirus treatment facility, has a capacity of 55 beds of which 52 beds have already been occupied, Information Officer of the hospital Dilip Kumar Shrestha informed. Most of the patients admitted here are severely ill.

Three of the 52 patients are being treated in ventilator, 11 in ICU, 25 with oxygen support and 13 have mild to moderate oxygen levels.

Shrestha shared that the hospital has informed higher authorities about its capacity and the impending emergency as timely initiative to address the situation is of utmost importance so as to avoid system collapse in future.

Similarly, Mahakali Provincial Hospital, Kanchanpur is also filled with patients. The hospital's manager Dipendra Singh Rawal shared that its temporary corona unit has 54 patients at present, of which six are being treated in ventilator and 12 with oxygen support.

Mahakali Hospital has a total capacity of 74 beds, categorised into isolation with 50 beds, six ICU beds and 18 for emergency use.

As many as 17 of its doctors have been infected with the virus themselves which has created a shortage of human resources, Rawal shared. They are currently isolating at their homes and in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sudur Pashchim Social Development Ministry has shared that it is trying to manage locations, human resources and equipment for better management of the situation. According to the spokesperson of the ministry, Narendra Karki, the provincial government is also coordinating with the federal government to address the looming threat of a major outbreak.