Sunkoshi bridge not completed yet

Gaighat, December 31

Delay in construction of a cemented bridge over the Sunkoshi River at Foksintar that connects Khotang with Udayapur has cost millions of rupees for installation and removal of the Bailey bridge every year.

The Gaighat-Diktel road project has been calling for tender every year for installation and removal of the bridge.

The work cost Rs 8.3 million in 2071, Rs 6 million in 2072 and Rs 5.8 million in 2073. The project has allocated Rs 7.5 million for this purpose this fiscal.

Project Chief Hari Prasad Pokhrel said the Bailey bridge was installed a few days ago. “The project has spent over Rs 30 million on the bridge,” Pokhrel  said.

A Bailey bridge is installed in the dry season and removed during rainy season as the water level lowers in the Sunkoshi River.

A contract was signed to construct a bridge over the river four years ago with a three-year deadline. The contractor company, Gauri Parbati Waipi JV, however, failed to start work saying that the design of the bridge was faulty.

The company started construction of the bridge a few days ago after preparing a new design. The project cost is estimated at Rs 180 million. The contract has been extended by another three years.