Support, care can help kids with Down’s Syndrome: Expert

Kathmandu, March 19:

An expert today said lack of awareness about Down’s Syndrome is affecting the growth and development of children with this disease.

Speaking at an press meet organised by the Down’s Syndrome Association of Nepal (DSA), Dr Yogesh Neupane of Himalayan Nursing Home said: “Children with Down’s Syndrome can also live normal lives as other children if they are given proper care and support by the family and the society.”

Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by presence of extra chromosome in the cells. Children having this abnormality are different as compared with typical children. “Children with Down’s Syndrome have typical looks like sunken nasal bridge, small head, short and stumpy fingers and toes and this can easily be identified,” Dr Neupane said.

Shila Thapa, president of DSA, said: “Although children with Down’s Syndrome are categorised under mentally retarded children, proper care can change their lives for the better.”