SC summons govt over ordinance provisions

Kathmandu, January 4

Even as both houses of the Federal Parliament endorsed the Civil Servants Adjustment Ordinance, government employees are still opposed to the ordinance provisions and some have even moved the Supreme Court ‘seeking justice’.

After the House of Representatives endorsed the ordinance on January 1, the National Assembly gave its go-ahead today.

However, just after the NA’s nod, a bench of Justice Kedar Chalise summoned government authorities concerned to discuss civil servants’ grievances against the ordinance for January 8.

One of the 55 Account Group employees filing the petition said they moved the Supreme Court on December 31 against a few provisions in the ordinance, especially those related to inter-government tier transfers.

“The ordinance provisions discriminate against civil servants belonging to certain groups,” he said.

The source added that there was no provision for Account Group employees to get transferred to federal government services from local and provincial governments and vice versa, while the Administrative Group employees had been given the same opportunity.

The ordinance provisions transfers only within the province concerned. “The ordinance has unfair provisions,” he said.

Moreover, the Parliamentary State Affairs and Good Governance Committee has directed the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration to address the government employees’ concerns.

However, the ministry and the official trade union of civil servants led by its President Punya Prasad Dhakal say they have sealed a nine-point agreement that addresses all concerns of civil servants.