Surya Nepal employees’ release sought

Birgunj, February 9:

The family of an employee of the Surya Nepal have alleged that the company has not shown interest to have him released from the Maoists’ captivity.

A group of Maoists had abducted three employees of the company, Prabhakar Bikram Shah, Sarbajit Rana and Dambarmani Limbu, on February 3.

Shah’s wife, Shashi, in the press conference held here today, alleged that the company has not initiated with the Maoists for seeking her husband’s release.

She said, a week has passed since the abduction and the company has done nothing but assure her of his safe release.

“Maoists’ demand are associated with the company and not with our husbands. So the company should take the responsibility for their release,” the victims’ families said.

We had requested but the company declined to send its representative in the press conference, the victims told the journos.

Shashi said, “We have not been able to sleep from the time we heard the news of our husbands’ abduction.” Rana’s wife reading a joint press release urged the Maoists to release the innocent employees because their demands were linked with the company management and the government. She said, “It is not rational to press for fulfilment of demands by abducting employees, who have no role in the company management.”

The Maoists have alleged that those abducted employees are management staffs and they have major roles in the exploitation of the workers.

In the press release issued by the Maoists a few days ago, they alleged that all three of them with the backing of the security personnel have suppressed the workers.