Talks a way out of stalemate: NC leader Shrestha

Pokhara, January 3

Nepali Congress leader Gopal Man Shrestha today said that there was no alternative but to  discussions with Madhes-based forces to resolve various issues of the communities so as to create conducive atmosphere for elections.

Speaking to his party cadres today in Pokhara, Shrestha said leaders from the plains have to be taken into confidence for effective implementation of the constitution and for holding polls. “If all the Madhes-based forces do not take part in the election, it will have no meaning at all. The polls won’t succeed either. All the major parties should stand together to bolster the country’s sovereignty,” said Shrestha.

Shrestha reiterated the need to declare the date for elections. He wondered why the main opposition CPN-UML had rejected the idea of merging some parts of province No 5 with province No 4. “It is pointless to protest against it,” said Shrestha, hinting at the CPN UML.

Flaying the continuous House disruption by the main opposition CPN-UML, He pleaded that all the major parties rise above their partisan interests to institutionalise federal democratic republicanism in the country.

“As Madhes-centred forces have been expressing dissatisfaction with the statute, there is no option but to pass the statute amendment bill. The country will have to face a great crisis if we fail to hold elections of all three tiers within the stipulated date. Hence, it high time a common political resolution to lead the country towards prosperity be worked out,” Shrestha said.