Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa said talks team would be formed to hold discussions on the demands put forth by the Tharu community.

Receiving a memorandum from Tharu Welfare Society, Tharuhat-Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee Central Agitation Mobilisation Committee today, Minister Thapa said that the government was serious about resolving the 19-point demand including that of the Tikapur case put forth by the Tharu community. Minister Thapa was of the view that the issues would be resolved at the best possible time.

Saying that the Netra Bikram Chand-led party had joined the peaceful politics through talks, Minister Thapa pledged to resolve the issues of the Tharu community through dialogues.

The committee's members are staging a sit in at Maitighar Mandala demanding the release of Tharu Welfare Society Chairman Dhaniram Chaudhari, Resham Chaudhary and others.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 26, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.