Tarai districts in grip of diarrhoea

Birgunj, October 22:

Diarrhoea has spread in Bara, Parsa, Rautahat and Sarlahi districts in the Tarai region due to the consumption of contaminated water and food and unhygienic, doctors here said.

Daily some 40-50 diarrhoea patients are being rushed to the Emergency Room in the Narayani sub-regional hospital here.

Six diarrhoea patients from Parsa district died of the disease in the past one month, doctors said.

Dr Niraj Singh of the sub-regional hospital said the patients are receiving treatment in the hospital and many of them are forced to sleep on the floor due to lack of beds.

Many of the patients from Bara, Rautahat and Sarlahi were brought to the hospital here after their caretakers realised that they were very sick.

People from Gardaul, Pokharia, Sibarba, Langadi, Bhiswa, Masihani, Ramgadhawa, Mirjapur, Basantapur and Tulasibarba village development committees of Parsa district have also been suffering from diarrhoea.

The health post in Pokharia is also full of diarrhoea patients, a local, Surendra Singh, said.