Tarai parties condemn Rangeli incident

Kathmandu, January 21

Chair of Sadbhawana Party Rejendra Mahato condemned the Rengeli incident and accused the government of resorting to violent suppression of the peaceful Madhesi movement.

Mahato said police had killed innocent people and injured dozens of people when a positive environment for negotiated settlement of the Tarai unrest was building up.

Mahato said the ruling CPN-UML affiliated Youth Force attacked his party cadres under the protection of police.

SP leaders Dilip Dhadewa and Santosh Mehata were seriously wounded by Youth Force cadres claimed Mahato. He said such incidents could cause communal clashes and the government should be responsible for the consequences.

Meanwhile, the SP issued a press release demanding action against those responsible for Rangeli incident.

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and Sadbhawana Party condemned the ‘killing of three protesters’ in Rangeli today.

Issuing a press release here today, FSF-N said three people were shot dead and dozens of protesters were injured. FSF-N condemned what it called government suppression of its peaceful agitation.

It said the government was trying to provoke communal clashes by organising political programmes in places where the United Democratic Madhesi Front had opposed.

It said the Rangeli incident proved that the state was hatching conspiracy to deprive marginalised communities, including agitating Madhesis, indigenous nationalities, Khas, Tharu, and women of their rights as well as the chance to protect their identity.