Teachers appointed but denied jobs

Himalayan News Service

Ilam, April 17:

They have passed the Teacher Service Examination and acquired permanent appointment to teach in different schools but the schools to which they are deployed have denied to provide them jobs. Dak Prasad Gautam, who was appointed in lower secondary in Amar Secondary School, Barbote some one and a half months ago is yet to join the school because the school, where he had been teaching as a secondary level teacher as a temporary teacher, refused to recognise him as a lower secondary level teacher.

Similarly, Bhogendra Niraula is in confusion after he got an appointment to the post of a permanent primary level teacher in the school where he has been teaching at the lower secondary level as a temporary teacher. According to him the school has refused to enrol him as a primary level teacher. Meanwhile, the Ilam district education officer Shobha Chandra Mishra said that he had got the information about the cases and also said it was mandatory for the schools to allow the teachers with permanent appointment to work. He also said that letters had been sent to the schools demanding the reasons for denying jobs for the newly appointed teachers adding if the teachers were not allowed to work their postings would be shifted to other schools. One DEO staff said the office was facing another problem because some retired temporary teachers were refusing to leave the job.