TERAI CRISIS: NC-D wants political solution

Kathmandu, January 28:

The Nepali Congress (D) today threw its weight behind political parties which are clamouring for a federal structure, proportional representation and delimitation of the parliamentary constituencies based on population distribution.

The party came to this decision at the end of the second sitting of the Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of the party today. The meeting which got underway on Friday will resume tomorrow morning, a statement issued by Jivan Prem Shrestha read.

However, the statement fell short of actually issuing a call to the government in an explicit manner and only said the agenda concerning restructuring the state along federal lines will be inserted in the Interim Constitution.

The statement, however, said that since the party has always been in favour of restructuring the state along federal lines, the party is ready even now.

The party also suggested necessary discussion on the issue of delimitating parliamentary constituencies based on population distribution and electoral system which is based on proportional representation before settling the issues through political means.

Advising the government not to make any delay in talking with the Madhesi and ethnic minorities which have raised their demands, the party said the government should look for an immediate political solution so that constituent assembly election is not affected.

It urged the PM to take initiative to call a meeting of the eight-party alliance to evolve “consensus and solution.”

The statement has drawn the attention of the alliance at those who are involved in arson, looting and communal tension in Terai.