Thamkharka Airport resumes flights after 6 months

KHOTANG: Thamkharka Airport of Khotang district that had been obstructed for the last six months came into operation again on Tuesday.

The flights there were obstructed with the onset of monsoon season from May 24 of this year.

Nepal Airlines Cooperation (NAC) started the regular flights along the Kathmandu-Thamkharka route today, two months later than the scheduled resumption, informed NAC Thamkharka Station In-charge Narendra Udas.

The station said that the flights could not be resumed earlier as the pilot had reported problems in the runaway.

It is the only means of transportation in the area as it still has not been connected with road network yet. The obstruction in flights had affected lives in neighbouring VDCs, especially those who were in need to airlift patients for treatment, said local teacher Santosh Dhakal.

In addition to this, the unofficial border blockade imposed by India compelled them to opt for a two-day walk to Khanidanda Airport as an alternative.

The NAC has stated that there will be regular flights to Kathmandu on every Tuesday and Saturday and to Biratnagar on Saturday.