Tharuhat Tarai Party enforces Kailali bandh for fifth consecutive day

DHANGADHI: Daily life of people in Kailali district has been adversely affected due to bandh called by the Tharuhat Tarai Party for the fifth consecutive day, protesting against the demarcation of the federal province.

Vehicular movement, market, factories, schools and offices are closed owing to the shutdown enforced by the Tharuhat Party, who have been demanding with the authority concerned to include Kailali and Kanchanpur districts in the province no .5 and naming the province as Tharuhat.

The agitators have been demonstrating daily in various places in Dhangadhi, Lamki, Tikapur among others in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. Although the eastern part of Kailali district seems to be completely affected by the shutdown, places as Dhangadhi, Attariya, Chaumala in the western part of the district are least affected.

Markets have started to reopen in the western part of Kailali. Daily life of the people in this area is getting back to normalcy after the pro- Undivided Far-West supporters called off their agitation.

In addition to this, the pro-Hindu political party agitators, who had been demanding for the reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu nation in the new constitution, have also ended their agitation, further bringing the deserted areas in the western part of the district to life.