The Maoists made it possible: Dr Pandey

Gaidakot, May 7 :

Member of civil society, Dr Devendra Raj Panday, today said that it was the involvement of Maoists in the pro-democracy movement that helped the people to achieve success so early.

Pandey was addressing a meeting jointly organised by civil society and the Peoples’ Movement Coordination Committee (Gaidakot) here. Dr Pandey said the political parties should hold wider discussions on the issue of a constituent assembly.

He added that if it had been only the seven parties leading the agitation, success would have been impossible.

He calle for merging the Maoists’ army with the government army after sacking the existing brass of the government army.

Speaking at the programme, human rights activist Krishna Pahadi said the king should not have a ceremonial position. He said there should be a president elected by the people.

Terming the present movement a ‘Mahayagya’, Pahadi said the Mahayagya would end only after the end of monarchy in the country. Nawalparasi secretary of the Maoists, Akash, said the Maoists are coming forward openly to make public

their issues since people are attracted to the programmes of Maoists.

FNJ president Bishnu Nishthuri said people have won the semi-final match and they are preparing for the final now. He said the match would end when the representative of people would be elected president and seated in the Naryanhiti Royal Palace.

Chairperson of Human Rights and Peace Society, Purusottam Dahal, literature Arjun Parajuli and leaders of seven political parties also addressed the function.

Persons injured in the course of pro-democracy movement were felicitated on the occasion.