This govt is national govt: Phokharel

DHARAN: Minister for Local Development Purna Kumar Sherma today challenged the Unified CPN-Maoist to form a government by garnering majority in parliament.

Inaugurating the third district conference of the Nepal Indigenous Nationalities Federation here, he said that the incumbent government with the support of 22 parties in the CA itself was a national government.

He accused the Maoists of being involved in anarchic activities after ousting from the government. He claimed that despite the Maoists' agitation that was aimed at gaining power, the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated deadline.

"The government is committed to taking the peace process to a logical conclusion," said Sherma, adding that people who called themselves revolutionary were obstructing the process of drafting the constitution.

Assuring the implementation of the ILO Convention 169, the minister also urged indigenous nationalities to help in the process to promulgate the new statute.