Thousands of flood victims in Morang left in a lurch, await relief

Biratnagar, August 13

Nearly 11,000 families, who were displaced by the flooded rivers, have been left in a lurch for want of relief in Morang district.

Those families were displaced due to flooding in rivers triggered by incessant torrential rain since Friday. They have nothing to eat for want of relief. Morang Police Chief SP Arun BC said security personnel had started distributing relief in places with road access from today. Flooding and subsequent damage to the road has created lots of problems in transporting relief items. He, however, said the private sectors and various other organisations were distributing relief to victims voluntarily.

More than 2,000 families were displaced due to flooding in Biratnagar alone.

District Administration Office Morang informed it would initiate relief distribution after normalcy returns. “We have not been able to reach flood-affected areas due to continuous downpour,” said Assistant Chief District Officer Shesh Narayan Poudel.

Hundreds of victims are facing a hard time due to hunger as the government agency has not begun relief distribution yet.