Three arrested for Mahato’s murder

Janakpurdham, January 11

Police today nabbed proprietor of a crusher industry Bipin Mahato on the charge of murdering Dilip Mahato, 24, on the banks of the Aurahikhola of Shreepur in Mithila Municipality-5, Dhanusha.

Dilip Mahato, a critic of illegal sand mining, was run over by a tipper and killed while trying to stop unauthorised excavation of sand yesterday morning.

Police took proprietor of Churiyamai Crusher Industry Bipin under control from his relative’s home in Janakpurdham, where he was hiding.

Bipin had threatened Dilip’s father saying that his son would be crushed under a tipper if he did not stop protesting against sand excavation. In what may be seen as Bipin’s threat being carried out, Dilip was crushed under a tipper and murdered at 4:00 am yesterday.

Dhanusha Police Chief SP Ramesh Kumar Basnet said police had arrested Bipin from his relative’s home in Janakpurdham and added that police had started investigating the incident.

Dhalkebar Area Police Office nabbed Jitendra Mahato, the tipper’s loader, today afternoon. Police took him under control from Bijalpura of Bardibas Municipality-2, Mahottari. Police have also arrested Dilip’s friend Roshan Yadav, who had called Dilip out from his home.

A few hours after the incident, police seized the tipper and arrested driver Munindra Mahato.

According to the arrested, Dilip was struck with a rod on the head and killed. After his murder, the perpetrators had tried to make it look like an accident and said Dilip was run over by the tipper. Police have seized the rod, which was used to kill Dilip.

Following Dilip’s death, Roshan had called Ward No 5 Chair Shyambabu Yadav and some other locals to the incident site.

Bipin, the tipper driver Munindra and Jitendra, the loader, had fled before locals and the ward chair arrived. Police have held all three directly involved in the incident. “Police will make public the details of the incident soon,” said SP Basnet.

After all those involved in the murder were booked, family members agreed to the post-mortem on Dilip’s body at Provincial Hospital Janakpurdham today.

The body was taken to Mithila Municipality after the post-mortem.