Three models proposed for Khotang

Khotang, September 13

Stakeholders in Khotang have floated three models for restructuring local bodies.

Despite the proposal of the Restructuring Commission to form up to nine bodies, two of the proposals submitted have proposed 13 and 10 local bodies, while the next one is in line with the commission’s proposal of nine local bodies.

According to the Local Bodies Restructuring Technical Committee Coordinator and Local Development Officer Nishchalraj Pande, it was not possible to propose a single model owing to differences among the political


“As the political parties couldn’t concur on the nine bodies’ model unanimously, we had to send all three proposals to the commission,” said Pande. Pande added that the 13-bodies and 10-bodies models propose two municipalities and 11 village assemblies and two municipalities and eight village assemblies respectively.

While, the nine-body model has also retained the number of the proposed municipalities, it has proposed seven village assemblies.

“All the political parties except for UML are in favour of the 10 and 13-body models, while we have also sent another proposal following the commission’s suggestion to form only nine local bodies,” said Pande.