Three-way fight in Saptari-1

Surya Narayan Yadav, FSF-M (Madhesi alliance)
Surya Narayan Yadav, FSF-M (Madhesi alliance)

Rajbiraj, November 28

A three-way fight is likely among the left, democratic and Madhes alliances in the parliamentary election in Saptari Constituency No 1.

Ashok Mandal from the left alliance, Ramdev Sah of the democratic alliance and Surya Narayan Yadav from Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal of the Madhes alliance are in the fray for the parliament seat in Constituency No 1. All three are residents of Diman in Tirhut Tirhut Rural Municipality-4.

As the poll approaches, all three candidates are busy campaigning for votes.

Ashok Mandal was elected from then Unified CPN-Maoist to the second Constituent Assembly. He claimed he was sure to win the polls with support from the CPN-UML.

Surya Narayan Yadav from Madhes alliance is a new face in politics. Yadav joined politics after retiring from the medical profession. He said people would vote for him as he had served them for a long time. Similarly, Sah from the democratic alliance said his party would win the polls as it had led every political movement and agitation for democracy. Sah held that there was no alternative to the NC.

Saptari-1 has a total of 94,920 eligible voters. In the civic polls, the left alliance had garnered 18,529 votes, the democratic alliance 18,330, and Madhes alliance 20,496 votes.