Three-wheelers banned in core areas of Bharatpur metropolis

CHITWAN: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has decided to declare the core areas of the metropolis a no-go-zone for three-wheelers, effective from July 21.

The metropolis has declared the ban on three-wheelers including Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, Tempo, Auto Rickshaw in the highway, bypass road and main market areas, from Saturday.

The decision to ban three-wheelers was taken in a bid to ease traffic congestion in the market areas and to control the increasing accidents, according to Mayor Renu Dahal. However, three-wheelers are permitted to ply in the inner roads of the metropolis.

According to the metropolis, the Aaptari-Pokhara bus park-Pulchok-Sahid Chok-Lions Chok-Campus Gate-Chaubiskothi-Hakim Chok-Buspark Chok-Highway area road section has been declared no-go for three-wheelers.

Similarly, bypass road section from Buspark Chok to Aaptari Chok and core areas including Narayangadh Market and Milan road are declared no operational areas.

The three-wheelers have been causing accidents in the main urban areas due to their negligence, over speeding, denying side, and crossing road on a whim, informed Police Inspector Bed Prasad Gautam, Chief of District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan.

More than 5,000 three-wheelers ply in the main highway and urban areas and the ban will minimise accidents, Inspector Gautam added.