Three-year plan for Gorkha reconstruction needs Rs 30.32 billion

POKHARA: A 12-point declaration for the reconstruction of Gorkha district was issued here in Pokhara on Sunday.

The declaration pointed out the need for Rs 30.32 billion for the project to reconstruct the district devastated by the April 25 earthquake in three years. The project includes construction of a monument at Barpak, the epicentre of the magnitude 7.6 earthquake.

With support from development partners and donor agencies, the District Natural Disaster Committee of Gorkha had held a gathering of local stakeholders in Pokhra from Friday to discuss immediate, mid-term and long-term strategies for Gorkha's reconstruction.

As many as 130 people including local political leaders and government officials had taken part in the meeting.

At least 472 people were killed in the April 25 earthquake in the district alone. About 58,000 houses were flattened to the ground and 8,000 others were partially damaged.