THT Impact: Disabled-friendly home constructed for Bajura man

BAJURA: Rati Thapa of Badimalika-9, Bajura district has been assisted with a disabled friendly home through supports and grants received from voarious national and international sources.

It was after the news about his struggle got published in the national daily The Himalayan Times that various people showed eagerness to support Thapa.

Local teacher Mani Thapa shared that the new home has really made life easy for Rati Thapa now. His old house was in a dilapidated condition and needless to say was not disabled-friendly.

Among the supporters are Madhuri Kumari Shrestha who provided Rs 5,000, Nirmala Subba Rs 5,000, Dr Sundarmani Dixit Rs 62,500, Indra Gurung Rs 4,000, Rasik Budathoki Rs 2,000, Mangal Thapa Rs 5,000, Jangu Sherpa Rs 5,000, Sangita Ghimire Rs 7,000, Karuna Shah Rs 4,500, Yamuna Khale Rs 4,300 and Sangam Chhetri Rs 5,000.

Rati, who could previously move around a bit is unable to do so since the last three years.