Tiger preying on cattle shifted to central zoo

Chitwan, January 2

A tiger preying on cattle in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park has been caught and taken to the central zoo in Lalitpur.

According to CNP Information Officer Gopal Ghimire, the tiger was captured from Bayarghari in Bharatpur metropolis.

“As it (the tiger) continued preying on domestic animals, we were compelled to capture it,” said Ghimire, adding that a team which included technicians, staff and security personnel of the national park had captured the big cat after two days of stalking.

The tiger, aged two-and-a-half years, is said to have been drawn to the human settlement after it left its mother because it found it difficult to hunt and survive in the forest.

“As leaving the tiger in other parts of the national park could create a problem, we had to transfer it to the zoo,” said Ghimire, who said the tiger was darted before being captured.