Tigers roaming in community forest


Tigers have been seen along the East-West Highway in the community forest of Chure areas in Rautahat.

Namobuddha Community Forest Chairman Shanta Bahadur Pakhrin said cattle had become food for the tigers at Gaindatar of Chandrapur Municipality. He said that locals searched for a cow after it disappeared in the forest yesterday.

He added that the cow was found eaten by the tiger today.

Pakhrin urged the locals not to go to the forest as the tiger was roaming in it. He further requested the people to be careful while going to the forest area.

The forest became the habitat of wild animals after the national forests in the district were handed over to the community. Locals said that the authority concerned had to pay attention to conserve wildlife in the forest.

Two youths were injured after the tiger attacked them at the municipality three months ago.

Issuing a written notice, Division Forest Office, Rautahat, Chief Binod Singh has urged the people not to enter the forest area as the tiger might attack people as well.

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