Tihar brings loads of green oranges

Tanahun, October 22:

With the increase in demand for green oranges on the occasion of Tihar, green oranges have flooded the markets. The green oranges have hit markets though it is not the right time to pick oranges, said fruit entrepreneurs.

These green oranges can be found in the markets like Damauli, Dumre, Abukhaireni, Khairenitar, Dulegauda, Bandipur, Turture, Tharpu and Sisghat. The green oranges were brought to please the consumers, said an entrepreneur Krishna Kumar Shrestha, adding that of the 4,000 oranges that he purchased 2,000 had been sold already.

Fruit entrepreneurs said that oranges would be ready to be eaten from the month of Mangsir.

However, they are selling green oranges to meet the demands of Tihar customers.