Time to write statute, not to form new alliances: Experts

Kathmandu, June 22:

Unhappy with the Nepali Congress, the CPN-Maoist is all set to forge an alliance with the CPN-UML to form the next government.

But analysts say this is no time to forge alliances between the left or right forces but to concentrate on writing a new constitution.

“This is not a time to choose a path of confrontation. None of the major parties, let alone NC, should be left out of coalition government,” said former Minister Nilambar Acharya.

According to him, the Maoists do not seem to

loose much if they offer the second key post to the NC but vested interests of the conflicting forces — NC, UML and the Maoist — seem to prevent the major parties from keeping the spirit of consensus intact.

Another political scientist Dr Rajesh Gautam termed the possibility of leftist alliance natural but doubted whether that would help bring the peace process to a logical conclusion.

“NC’s conditions are linked with public security and they are parts of peace pacts, the game the UML is playing to fulfil the demands of Maoists is unconstitutional. It will ultimately boomerang on the UML,” he said adding that the YCL would prove to be a threat to the UML as well. “YCL is the backbone of Maoists and therefore they will never transform it into a civilian outfit. If they did it, it would be at their own cost,” he added. “There are communal issues that would prove to be extremely difficult for the CA if the major parties chose their own path in terms of governance,” Dr Gautam said. Another political scientist Krishna Pokharel voices similar concern. “Misunderstanding between major political parties might unnecessarily delay the framing of a new constitution. But NC is responsible for the possible polarisation of leftists forces,” he opined. Pokharel said that the Maoists felt necessary to align with the UML to rule for two years unhindered after the NC attempted to place restriction on Maoists by changing the rule of the game.

“All this is the fallout of NC’s seven-point condition,” Pokharel said adding: “But non-Maoist party might facilitate to write a new constitution as quickly as possible because prolonging the time to write the constitution will prolong the life of Maoist government and increase its influence which other parties will never want to happen.”