Rajbiraj, June 25

Women of Pakari VDC-8 in Saptari have launched a toilet construction campaign.

Saraswoti Devi Sardar of Pakari VDC-8 said they would construct toilets in their houses at their own expense. She said women endure many problems while defecating in the open.

Latari Devi Sada, a local, said she was ready to cut her expense to build the toilets. “We have to wait till dark to defecate in the open and it is difficult for women to go out at night. So, we decided to build toilets,” she said.

Of the 1,156 households at Pakari VDC, 997 houses are  without toilets. Of the total 86 Dalit households in Pakari-8, as many as 84 houses lack toilets, said local  Anita Devi Sardar.

The women realised the need for toilets after attending a training under the Golden Thousand Days Programme, said programme coach Sunita Kumari Thakur. She said toilet parts will be offered to build them.

Saptari coordinator of the programme Ramesh  Kumar Yadav said they were assisting the women to construct toilets. “After the women took the  initiative, men have also started lending their hands for construction of toilets,” added Yadav.