Torture slur on dowry-demanding in-laws

Sankhuwasabha, May 13:

A woman was forced out of her home six years after the marriage by her in-laws for not bringing dowry.

This morning the family beat up Devi Kumari Ojha, 26, a resident at Chewa of Khandbari-2 and forced her out of the house for failing to bring dowry while her husband Samsher Ojha merely watched the incident.

In an FIR registered today at the district police office, Devi alleged that her father-in-law Sitaram, mother-in-law Radha Devi and brother-in-law Arjun thrashed her and forced her out of the house for above-mentioned reason.

She sustained injuries on her back, head and limbs.

Neighbours said her husband, Shamsher, did not intervene while Devi was being hit. The alleged that her in-laws frequently beat her up.

“We had married on the condition that my in-laws would not demand any dowry but they repeatedly tortured me for not bringing any dowry,” she said.

She urged journalists and human right activists in Sankhuwasabha to help her return to her home in a peaceful manner. “We have summoned the family members and we will proceed with the case after their statements,” chief at the DPO, Bishworaj Pokhrel said.

Meanwhile, Surya Ojha, a relative of Dev Kumari’s in-laws threatened journalists not to write any news on the incident.

A similar case related to torture to woman for failing to bring dowry had surfaced in

the district in the past week.