'Tourism development for economic progress'

BHAKTAPUR: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ananda Prasad Pokhrel on Sunday said tourism development was essential to make the country economically prosperous.

Addressing a programme organised today by the Anantalingeshwor Conservation and Development Committee based in Dadhikot of Anantalingeshwor Municipality in his honour, the Tourism Minister spoke of the need of expanding the homestay tourism in every village.

"Tourism development is a tool for steering the country towards the path of economic progress while religious tourism is our pride," he said, "And the government is committed to promoting it."

An introduction to homestay tourism in the villages would be an effective means to promote economic sector, he said.

On the occasion, Minister Pokhrel said the government has allocated to Rs 10 million under a master plan formulated for the development of Anantalingeshwor Temple. Conservation of forests in the area and its natural beauty along with its development as an asset of the village.

Former Industry Minister Mahesh Basnet said Bhaktapur itself is the epitome of religion and culture and it should be developed into a hub for religious tourism.