Tourism Ministry swings into action

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 21:

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation through its hotline has received six individual complaints and has issued directives to the authorities concerned to resolve the problems at the earliest.

Following a complaint filed by Hari Prasad Pandey, former financial controller of Taragaon Development Committee (TDC), that he was yet to receive a certain amount from the office, the ministry asked TDC to furnish an explanation within three days. TDC furnished a reply to the ministry and the latter formed a committee today to look into the matter and present a report within three days, said Shanker Kharel, under-secretary at the ministry.

Similarly, after a complaint by Dal Prasad Sherchan, resident of Sanepa, concerning problems that he faced while travelling by Gulf Air, the ministry swung into action. He had purchased tickets from the World Wide Travel Agency. The ministry has directed Tourism Industry Division to probe the incident and present a detailed report. Likewise, the ministry directed the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to submit a report concerning inconvenience caused to the general public who were denied entry into Tribhuwan International Airport. Rajendra Shrestha, a resident of Dallu, filed the complaint concerning the matter.

The Tourism Ministry notified the Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation (RNAC) to make its flight schedules available beforehand. It has directed the corporation to notify passengers before cancelling its concerned flight. Likewise, while issuing tickets to the passengers following the flight cancellations, RNAC should give preference to the passengers whose flights have been previously cancelled, said the Tourism Ministry in its statement.

Min Bahadur Singh, a resident of Bajang district filed a complaint at the ministry concerning irregular flights in the Nepalgunj-Bajang sector.

Since Yeti Airlines and Shangrila Air are charging Rs 3,300 per passenger on Nepalgunj-Bajang charter flights, the ministry directed CAAN to encourage airlines to hold scheduled flights. It, however, called on CAAN to prepare “logical tools” specifying situations wherein airlines can operate charter flights. Airlines operating charter flights charge full fares while carrying either passengers or cargo. Therefore, instead of airplanes returning without any passengers, the ministry urged CAAN to arrange for airlines to carry passengers and cargo while returning at a minumum price. Individuals can file complaints to the Tourism Ministry concerning the tourism sector at 4232411.