Tourist arrivals up in Manang

Lamjung, October 28

With the beginning of the tourist season, Tilicho Lake of Manang has witnessed an increase in the number of domestic and international tourists.

As many as 400 domestic and international tourists are visiting Manang on a daily basis of late. Manang Tourism Entrepreneurs Committee chair Binod Gurung said the number of tourists visiting Manang had increased after the construction of motorable road.

“The number of domestic tourists has increased as they can even reach Upper Manang on motorcycles,” he added.

Dharapani Tourist Check and Information Centre, Manang, said that as many 350 international and 50 to 60 domestic tourists reached Manang on a daily basis.

Last year, the tourist destination saw 300 to 350 domestic and international visitors.

According to locals, the arrival of domestic tourists has increased since the past two years. Hotels of Tilicho Base Camp are packed following the same. Around 80 per cent locals are involved in tourism.

Tourists can reach Tilicho Base Camp after eight-hour walk from Khansar of Upper Manang.