Traffic mishaps down, revenue up in Parsa

BIRGUNJ: Thanks to increased vigilance of traffic police, road accidents have considerably decreased while revenue collection increased in Parsa district.

Of late, the District Traffic Police Office has increased monitoring against drunk driving.

Consequently in the fiscal year 2014/15, the road accidents decreased by around 30 percent while revenue collected increase three times of the previous year.

According to the Traffic Police Office, in fiscal year 2013/14, 173 mishaps had occurred in the district while it reduced to 119 in 2014/15.

District Traffic Police In-charge, Govinda Kumar Karki, however, informed that the number of deaths in the road accidents increased.

While 23 people had lost their lives in 2013/14, the number increased to 28 in the next year, he informed.

Karki further said in the fiscal year 2014/15, traffic police have taken actions against 157 drivers.

From 31,307 vehicles that violated traffic rules, police collected Rs 14.7 million revenue in the previous year.