Trains arrive in Janakpurdham from Bihar’s Hajipur station

JANAKPURDHAM: Two trains purchased by Nepal Railway Company arrived in Janakpurdham on Friday.

The train sets that left for Janakpurdham from Bihar’s Hajipur station on Thursday stopped at Jayanagar station in India.

Both trains departed from Jayanagar at 12:45 pm on Friday and reached Janakpurdham in two hours. The trains will operate on Kurtha-Janakpurdham-Jayanagar route and will benefit people from the east of Nepal.

For now, the trains will run from Jayanagar to Kurtha, a distance of 35 kilometres. “The trains will come into regular operation around the Ramjanaki marriage ceremony,” said Nepal Railway Company Engineer Binod Ojha. Both trains will have eight bogies.