Transparency International seeks details on anti-graft campaign

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 12:

The Transparency International-Nepal is eagerly waiting for the action plan concerning anti-corruption drive announced as part of the royal proclamation on February 1.

“We are waiting for the details of the anti-graft move mentioned in the royal proclamation. As of now we can only hail it only as a matter of principle”, said Ramesh Nath Dhungel, vice-chairman of the Nepal chapter of the Transparency International.

Appreciating the contents of the royal speech, he wanted to know the details before hailing the same in due course.

The TI-Nepal is scheduled to discuss the latest turn of events surrounding very high-level commitment to fight out corruption on February 17 during its general meeting.

While he expected the government to come up with the details of the action plan on the fight against corruption by then, he said the pro-transparency organisation could approach the chief secretary to know about the details if the government did not publicise it by the time. “We would like to know how the government expects to go about and bring about complete transparency in financial and budgetary matters. Of course, good governance is our additional agenda,” Dhungel added.