Nepal | May 21, 2019

Trishuli River getting polluted

Dhading, August 19

The Trishuli River is getting polluted due to haphazard and uncontrolled disposal of waste into the river.

Latrine waste and other litters drained into the river have put the existence of Trishuli in jeopardy.

It has been found that wastes coming out of hotel toilets, stretching from Dhading’s Malekhu to Machha bazaar along the Prithvi Highway in Dhading, are directly drained out into the river.

A monitoring of toilets of 80 households from Gajuri Bazaar to Malekhu Bazaar along the highway found that drainage of 52 households is directly connected to the river.

Monitoring was carried out in the area as part of a preparation to declare Gajuri VDC an open defecation free zone.

The monitoring was conducted under the leadership of Gajuri Drinking Water and Sanitation Coordination Committee Coordinator Manchandra Dharal.

Of the monitored houses, 52 were found to have drained their toilet wastes into the river while 28 houses were without toilets.

Dharal said that his team had directed the households without toilets to build latrines and manage the drainage by constructing septic tanks at the earliest.

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