‘Trust deficit among parties’

Pokhara, July 3

Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula today said implementation of the constitution and delineation of federal structures were being delayed due to lack of trust among political parties.

Speaking to journalist at a press meet organised by Press Union Kaski in Pokhara today, Sitaula said that it would be easy to execute the constitution, hold polls, reconstruct earthquake hit structures and launch developmental projects simultaneously only if all the parties stood together.

He reiterated that there must me national consensus for local election besides polls for the pradeshes and the national assembly. “The parties must come up with common developmental agendas to relieve the country of the present stalemate and push for the proper implementation of the statute,” he said.

Sitaula ruled out the possibility of holding local elections in November at a time when the country had not yielded any election laws. “Elections will be possible only after formation of the national consensus government to garner support from all. Formation of national consensus government can decide leadership of the consensus government,” he argued.

Sitaula expressed concern about the government’s failure to provide even the first installment of relief to earthquake victims.