Banke, January 19:

Human rights activist Padma Ratna Tuladhar today said differences might arise between seven parties and the Maoists if Constituent Assembly (CA) polls were not held on the stipulated time.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the Human Rights Conservation Forum in Nepalgunj today, Tuladhar said: “We should remain alert of the fact that differences might occur between the Maoists and the seven parties if CA polls got delayed.”

Stating that recently promulgated Interim Constitution of Nepal failed to address many issues, Tuladhar said it would affect CA polls.

“Many issues like democracy and human rights have not been addressed properly,” Tuladhar said, adding that CA polls would be affected if interim government was not formed soon. He claimed that the Nepal government was being steered by foreign forces.

Former speaker and civil society activist Daman Nath Dhungana said, “We should go directly for general elections, should the constituent polls be delayed.” He urged civil society to remain alert of the consequences of CA polls being not held on time. Stating that present government would not be able to function for a long time, Dhungana said, “Interim government has not been formed yet. It will be very difficult to hold CA polls by mid-June.”