Tuskers kill 2, terror among locals

Rajbiraj, February 16

Locals of Pathari and areas of Kanchanrup Municipality are living in fear after 2 women were killed in a tusker attack on Tuesday afternoon. The elephants had strayed into the human settlement from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

Manju Devi Sah, 35 and Durgi Devi Mukhiya, 45, of Pathari were killed when the wild beast attacked them while they were collecting fodder. “The villagers are living in constant fear of wild elephants that stray into human settlements from Koshi Tappu time and again,” said Hari Mukhiya, a local.

“As many as 6 persons were killed in the attacks last year while 49 houses and crops cultivated in more than 100 bigha have been destroyed by wild elephants in the past 6 months,” said Ram Krishna Yadav, another local.

Elephant Victims Struggle Committee Coordinator Bachchalal Mandal said the authority had decided to erect electric fences around the conservation area to prevent the protected animals.